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2nd call for partners for the development of new seaweed applications

Seaweed is emerging as a sustainable source of protein for humans and animals. In the ProSeaweed program, Wageningen University & Research and the North Sea Farm foundation, together with industry, are conducting research into seaweed applications for food and feed. The program is also a platform for new initiatives. Companies that want to join the platform can make this known until 31 May 2018.

Large-scale seaweed cultivation for human and animal food applications is not yet profitable in Western Europe. To increase the potential value of the seaweed sector, the four-year ProSeaweed research program looks for new applications. The aim of the research program is to initiate innovations in the entire seaweed sector through knowledge development; from seaweed cultivation to consumer behavior on seaweed. ProSeaweed's research focuses on:

  • Selection and breeding to highly productive seaweed species
  • Development of sustainable cultivation systems for optimal locations: for the most favorable composition of the seaweed.
  • Holistic processing of seaweed to utilize all components, as well as possible and at the highest possible economic value.
  • Improving the attractiveness of seaweed products for consumers, through appealing products and accessible information.
  • Development of safe & high-quality applications, e.g. utilization of nutritional value, reduction of antibiotic use and application in pharmacy and cosmetics.

Companies wanted

The multidisciplinary nature of seaweed production and the innovations from the ProSeaweed program offers opportunities for the Netherlands to develop a strong seaweed sector. This sector offers space for seaweed farmers, breeding companies, seed producers, logistic service providers, maritime service providers, food producers, food companies, machine builders, etc. There are opportunities for higher economic yields of seaweed, more consistent quality, reduction of cultivation costs through bio-refining, a circular approach, local production and a chain approach. In addition to the current export of the Dutch maritime and agrofood sector, the Netherlands can also add seaweed knowledge and technology as an export product to its portfolio in the near future.

The program also serves as a vehicle for future PPP research projects from top sector Agri & Food. Companies are invited to join ProSeaweed to jointly develop new knowledge or to get creative ideas to put new innovations on the market. Interested partners can obtain information about the program and / or participation in the program with Willie van den Broek or Koen van Swam.

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