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ProSeaweed works on valuable seaweed chains with 9 partners

Since mid-February, the core group of 3 consortia, with 9 active partners from the seaweed sector, has been working on safe, sustainable and valuable seaweed chains.

Within the program, research projects are executed on, among other things, the effects of seaweed as a feed supplement, we are working on a basis (including standardization and standardization) for safe use of seaweed as a food product, and researching the ecological adaptability of large-scale seaweed cultivation during seaweed pilots on the North Sea - 15 kilometers off the coast of Scheveningen.

Publicizable results of these studies will be available later this year on this website.

Maximize value of seaweed

Within ProSeaweed, various lines of knowledge and innovations are being developed to maximize the value of seaweed:

  • Selection and breeding to highly productive species
  • Optimal cultivation systems and optimal locations (so that the composition of the seaweed is as favorable as possible)
  • Multiple processing of seaweed so that all components are used as well as possible, against the highest possible economic value
  • Making seaweed products attractive for consumers, through appealing products and accessible information
  • High-quality applications; think about using nutritional value, reducing antibiotic use and applications for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

Want to join this seaweed coalition?

The program also serves as a vehicle for future PPP research projects from top sector Agri & Food. Interested partners can obtain information about the program and / or participation in the program at Willie van den Broek, willie.vandenbroek@wur.nl or Koen van Swam, koen@noordzeeboerderij.nl.