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Ministry invests 5 million euros in applied seaweed research

State Secretary Martijn van Dam of Economic Affairs has given the start of the innovation program 'Seaweed for Food and Feed' (later called ProSeaweed) at Scheveningen, which will invest in the sustainable cultivation of seaweed and making seaweed suitable for human consumption and animal feed as a vegetable protein source. The Cabinet's Food Agenda for the next four years will provide a total of 5 million euros for the development of a sustainable seaweed sector in the Netherlands.

The seaweed program is in line with the government's commitment to increasing the availability and attractiveness of plant products, such as seaweed. State Secretary Van Dam gave the starting shot during the 'Buitengewoon Zeewier' harvest festival of the Stichting Noordzeeboerderij, which last year launched a seaweed test farm off the coast of Scheveningen. During the party the first harvest was brought ashore by the State Secretary. Together with Mark Kulsdom from The Dutch Weed burger, Van Dam then processed the seaweed into the new food product 'Seawharma'.

Van Dam: "Seaweed is the vegetable of the future: sustainable and healthy. Many people do not yet know that seaweed is not only tasty but can also be easily prepared. With the innovation program, we focus on new food products that are produced sustainably and that are attractive to a wide audience."

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs